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Locomotive 2405

Details of loco progress are given in detail on other pages within this site

Locomotive 2442

It is understood that the Tefi Valley Railway intend to commence work on this locomotive during 2009, with the aim of getting it operational in time for another of their locomotives coming out of service for a 10 yearly overhaul.

However no other details are currently to hand

Locomotive 2451

Locomotive steamed in Nov 2008, and should be into full operational service during 2009

See Pictures elsewhere on this site

Locomotive 3010

This locomotive remains untouched since arrival from Gloddfa Ganol

Locomotive 3014

Work is progressing as time permits on this locomotive, with the owning group working in conjunction with the West Lancs Loco Trust in the manufacture of certain parts

Photo of 3014 taken September 2006 showing progress to date

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Other Loco Progress